Program Contents


The state of the art in core ISSW topics will be highlighted in oral presentations: Climate, snow pack, snow mechanics, avalanche dynamics, modeling, forecasting, risk management, accidents and rescue, optimization of mitigation measures and education.


Static and interactive poster sessions, workshops and panel discussions

The afternoon sessions will be characterized by workshops and debates, inviting attendees to actively participate in the conference. Selected topics will be discussed in order to highlight challenges and needs, or to simply discuss methods or results from a practical perspective. New at the Innsbruck ISSW: i) An interactive poster session, enabling direct communication between the presenters and small groups of the audience (PC-based platform enabling dynamic presentation), Practical field studies with the results presented and discussed at the conference.


Professional training programs

In the late afternoon and evening sessions, additional education and training programs will be held that adress a wide range of practice-oriented topics: e.g. avalanche education, forecasting and simulation, risk assessment, planning and construction principles for obstacles at risk.


Field trips

Numerous field trips will be offered, combining best practice examples with nature experience. Spectacular outdoor activities and sportive networking trips will be organized, complemented by trips with cultural and historical highlights.


ISSW goes public

Decision-makers from public institutions and governing bodies want to know and need to be informed about recent research results and the most important practical experiences to aid sustainability. On Wednesday, October 10, 2018, the current practices, challenges and opportunities with respect to avalanche risk management will be discussed with a broad audience.


Accompanying exhibition

Particularly noteworthy is the extended exhibition at ISSW 2018 to attract practitioners, scientists, public institutions and students. The exhibition will be a key element, featuring numerous industries, companies and engineering offices.


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