Newsletter - October 2023
Dear Madam/Sir!
Dear friends and colleagues,

After an extensive review process the program committee scheduled an amazing amount of 440 submitted abstracts.

Submissions from 26 different countries are now part of the ISSW 2018 program consisting of 19 oral and poster sessions, distributed over eight general and eleven special topics.

Exact dates for all training courses are now fixed and the number of attendees has been increased for some courses that were already booked out.
Also for some Field Trips and the side program, in particular the Innsbruck Night, additional tickets are now availabe within in the conference online registration. Click here to register:

Special Issues

Besides the publication in the abstract book (short abstracts) and the conference proceedings (extended abstracts), there will be the opportunity to publish your work in ISSW 2018 special issues of the following journals:

Cold Regions Science and Technology (EN)
Journal of Torrent, Avalanche, Landslide and Rock Fall Engineering (GER+EN)
bergundsteigen (GER)


Board meetings

The ISSW2018 provides various opportunities and special slots to support national and
international board meetings.


Besides the main conference languages English and German, interpretation services to French and Italian will be provided.


YSP-Award winners

We are happy to announce and congratulate the three beneficiaries for the ISSW 2018 Young Snow Professional (YSP) award!

Ten YSP-nominees were selected from around 50 submissions, following the reviewers opinion and ranking of the short abstracts. The three beneficiaries were chosen, following the award guidelines, especially encouraging candidates with a long travel distance and highlighting the diversity of presenters.
Click here for further details:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the ISSW 2018!

Your ISSW2018 PC / OC Team