To provide a high quality and a variety rich program, ISSW 2018 applied a transparent review and scheduling process, emphasizing the involvement of the international snow and avalanche community. Each short abstracts was assigned to at least three of the 130 international reviewers in a double blind review.

The program scheduling followed the review ranking according to the review criteria (originality and innovation, relevance, quality), the authors preference, the ISSW motto ‘a merging of theory and practise’ and emphasizing the diversity of the program. Within the submitted contribution the reviewers found a good mixture of theory and practice: 42% combining theory and practise, 21% were either rather theoretical or practical, 10% practical and 6% with a theoretical focus

List of Reviewers:

Adams, Marc
Barbolini, Massimliano
Barelle, Caroline
Bartelt, Perry
Bellaire, Sascha
Benedetti, Lorenzo
Berger, Frédéric
Berthet-Rambaud, Philippe
Birkeland, Karl
Bründl, Michael
Bühler, Yves
Burkard, André
Chiambretti, Igor
Conlan, Michael
Deems, Jeffrey
Dellavedova, Paola
Diggins, Mark
Dobesberger, Paul
Eckerstorfer, Markus
Eckert, Nicolas
Eglit, Margarita
Faug, Thierry
Fellin, Wolfgang
Fierz, Charles
Fischer, Jan-Thomas
Frigo, Barbara
Fromm, Reinhard
Gauer, Peter
Gaume, Johan
Gems, Bernhard
Gleirscher, Engelbert
Gobiet, Andreas
Gould, Brian
Grady, Emily
Granig, Matthias
Greene, Ethan
Greminger, Peter
Gubler, Hansueli
Haegeli, Pascal
Hague, Caitlin
Hammonds, Kevin
Hamre, David
Harvey, Stephan
Helbig, Nora
Helfricht, Kay
Hendrikx, Jordy
Höller, Peter
Horton, Simon
Huber, Andreas
Issler, Dieter
Ito, Yoichi
Jaedicke, Christian
Jamieson, Bruce
Jones, Alan
Klassen, Karl
Kofler, Andreas
Köhler, Anselm
Kowalski, Julia
Kristensen, Krister
Kuhn, Michael
Latosuo, Eeva
Leichtfried, Albert
Löwe, Henning
Maggioni, Margherita
Margreth, Stefan
Marshall, Hans-Peter
Martí, Glòria
Mattice, Tom
Mauro, Valt
McClung, David
McKittrick, Ladean
Meier, Lorenz
Michaelsen, Bjørn
Mitterer, Christoph
Monti, Fabiano
Morin, Samuel
Müller, Karsten
NAAIM, Florence
Nairz, Patrick
Nishimura, Kouichi
Notarnicola, Claudia
Obleitner, Friedrich
Oesterle, Felix
Olefs, Marc
Panayotov, Momchil
Pérez Guillén, Cristina
Pielmeier, Christine
Prokop, Alexander
Proksch, Martin
Pudasaini, Shiva P.
Rachoy, Christian
Radlherr, Alexander
Reiweger, Ingrid
Romeo, Vincenzo
Rothleitner, Michael
Rott, Helmut
Sailer, Rudolf
Scheidl, Christian
Schellander, Harald
Schneebeli, Martin
Schweizer, Jürg
Segor, Valerio
Sharp, Eirik
Simenhois, Ron
Sovilla, Betty
Statham, Grant
Steinkogler, Walter
Strasser, Ulrich
Studeregger, Arnold
Surinach, Emma
Tacnet, Jean-Marc
Tarolli, Paolo
Thumlert, Scott
Trautman, Simon
Tremper, Bruce
van Herwijnen, Alec
Walcher, Matthias
Wikstrom Jones, Katreen
Wilbur, Chris
Winkler, Michael
Witsoe, Hoots
Wyssen, Sam
Zeidler, Antonia

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